About Us


PT Lean Design Electronics International (PT, LDEI) is a system integrator who provides smart technology solutions to business problems such as loss of assets, unmanaged inventory, untracked logistics, uncontrolled product distribution, inefficient or ineffective business processes and much more.

When proposing technology solutions, PT. LDEI doesn't rely on a certain product or technology; instead, it will carefully study  the customer's problem, environment, operation and business processes and, with its innovative architecting capability, will propose an integration of selected hardware and software systems that best meet the customer requirements. As a consultant, PT. LDEI doesn't just offer engineering arrangement of a solution, it also offers strategic, finance and organization arrangement to make sure that the project is sucessful and the customer very much benefits from the solution even long after the system has been deployed.

With its world class local experts, as well as its "lean" and "agile" principles, PT LDEI is able to deliver world class product with competitive cost as well as fast and reliable services to its customers.

Friday the 23rd. PT Lean Design Electronics International
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