Smart Card Technology


LDEI has the ability o design, analyze and implement smart card and RFID embedded application devices. Also their supporting controller local networks, wireless communication, sensors, control systems and so on. We can offer advanced hand-held smart card production, administrations and technical support system. 

Our products can be applied to many fields such as Education, Events, Finance, Telecommunication, Industries and commerce, etc.

RFID Tags are often called "Intelegent Bar Codes"


Bar Code / UPC Labels



-       Reads one tag at a time

-       Line of sight required

-       Action required by scanner operator

-       Reads multiple tags simultaneously

-       No line of sight required

-       Action not required by operator but does accommodate of demand identification with a handeld RFID reader


Paper labels are easily damaged or obscured by oil and/or dirt

RFID tags can be matched to the application needs, providing the right level or durability for specific environments – from durable flexible labels for use in warehouses to hard-ended, encased RFID tags for fiels use

Data Capacity

Limited amount of data capacity

Significantly greater data capacity, enabling the capture and storage of more detailed and relevant information


-       Static information – write once to any given label

-       Tags are not reusable

Dynamic information – ongoing read/write capability enables creation of a continual record


Information usually printes right on the label along with the bar code (i.e. EPC Code)

Information encoded in RFID chips


Bar codes can only identify a class of goods

RFID tags and their associated serial identification number provide unique serialization

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