RFID for Event Organizer


What is the Smart Indentification? Identification of human or system objects automatically usingRFID technology in which the application can be customed with costumer needs. Example for the applications is automatic registration for the various events, automated attendance in education, the identification of seating arragement in gala dinner and many others.



Benefit from Smart Identification is :

a.   Speed up registration of the participants because the data can be directly detected from the required distance.

b.   Reduce registration errors and prevent fraud in attendance

c.   Registration or attendance can be monitored online.


When make the Smart Identification must have infrastructure as follows:

a.    Must have plan for data accurate

b.    Must have clear procedures

c.    Must have added infrastructure to run the procedure.

PT. Lean Design Electronics International has experience and successfully implemented RFID systems in the Event Conference and Gala Dinner 2011 one of the National Bank in Sultan Hotel and theRitz Carlton Hotel.

Friday the 23rd. PT Lean Design Electronics International
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