RFID for Fuel Control


The government's financial condition is limited and high oil prices cause the fuel subsidy burden was more severe. The government therefore sought to subsidies can be reduced and targeted to the right. To that end, the Government requires a solution in the form of subsidized fuel control system is safe, appropriate, flexible and transparent.

Answering the challenge, LDEI a solution is efficient, reliable, cost effective and ready to be implemented within a period of fast. The solution is called the IC-Tag system (Integrated Circuit-Tag) for the Control of subsidized fuel. IC-Tag system is a system in which vehicles are entitled to subsidies given patch RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification), which we call IC-Tag. Gas station attendant, using scanners, can identify the data includes the number of car fuel bersubsidinya quota remaining at any given time.

Scanners from different stations are connected online with a distributed database system stems from the pump to a central server to regional servers. In addition to controlling the quota of each vehicle, this system also allows the government to oversee the purchase of subsidized fuel trends in real time throughout Indonesia, as well as to implement the policy of the Government subsidized fuel quotas dynamically based on time, and the vehicle.

Compared to other technologies, IC-Tag with RFID technology has many advantages.This chip technology these days is often used to replace the barcode function, so often referred to as "smart barcode" because the anti-duplication, easy to use (can be scanned from a distance), resistant to natural disturbances (rain, dust, sunlight , the use of user, etc.), and low cost. IC-Tag is also superior to the Smart Card from the side of safety because the IC-Tag attached to the car (actually attached to the identity of the vehicle), while the Smart Card can be transferred. Because the system is simpler, the cost of IC-Tag technology investment is also lower than the Smart-Card.

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