RFID for Mining


Delivery capacity of the mining sites to the final delivery location has a large capacity per month. But about 10% per month of lost minerals in a form that cannot be identified explicitly. Is the fault of the aspects of transportation, administration, or calculation in the wrong field stock locations?

Finally PT.Lean Design Electronics International makes logistics control system development project to give the solution for the problem and to identify accurately so as to provide direction on the decision to suppress the level of losses.

This application uses RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to store the data base that includes the following data:

1. Data cars and drivers,

2. Data tonnage and the time of departure,

3. Data tonnage and the time of arrival.

The data is run automatically when the data from weighbridge weight and time (timestamp) in the write to the RFID. Each driver must perform RFID scanning after weighing the departure location and RFID scanning again after arriving at the weigh station locations at the site of arrival. These two activities should be part of one of the SOP (Standard of Operational Procedures) so that the goal state is expected to be achieved.

Friday the 23rd. PT Lean Design Electronics International
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